Home drainage

If someone were to come up to me on the street and ask me, “Hey Matt, what do you consider to be the top five problems with homes?”, I would definitely have to include drainage as one of those five.  However, drainage problems have many causes.  Some are due to improper control of the roof drainage, while others are due to improper sloping of the ground around the home. The thing is the severity of these kinds of problems are highly under-rated by most homeowners.  In many cases, fixing drainage problems could stop or severely reduce water intrusion through foundation cracks.  For those with concrete block or stone foundations, fixing these problems could reduce moisture intrusion through the blocks, which is a chronic problem with most block and stone foundations.

Well, I just happened to have an e-letter arrive in my inbox this week with a link to a very nicely illustrated and explained article about site drainage.  I believe it explains a lot and could be very useful to those who have drainage problems, and even those who think they don’t.  Here it is:   http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/green-basics/water-management.

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